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Sugar Reduction Products Application

Echemi 2020-11-19



Xylitol does not undergo Maillard reaction, so the sugar body is stable in color, high temperature resistance and difficult to decompose. Xylitol also has good storage properties and can prolong the shelf life of the product.

Maltitol has good moisturizing and non-crystalline properties and can be used to make candy, including marshmallow, hard candy, and transparent jelly, etc.

Various types of candies can be made with erythritol. Mix with intense sweeteners, erythritol can mask aftertastes of intense sweeteners.In chewing gum, erythritol adds freshness because of its high cooling effect.

Bakery products

Bakery products

Xylitol has a calorific value lower than that of sucrose and is a low-calorie raw material. It has good thermal stability and does not undergo Maillard browning reaction. The creamy baked products made from the raw materials are whiter in color.

Maltitol can be used in bakery on its healthy and beneficial characteristics. Since many of the characteristics of maltitol are similar to sucrose, maltitol can replace sucrose in most baked goods. Additionally, maltitol can be used to partially or totally replace the fat in baked goods.

In bakery applications, compared to sucrose, erythritol exhibits a different melting behaviour, more compact dough, less colour formation and better moisture control.

Ice cream

ice cream

When xylitol is added to ice cream, it exhibits a advantage in preventing dental caries and not raising blood sugar. It can be used for diabetic patients instead of sucrose.

Maltitol can be used to replace sucrose in conventional full sugar ice cream. It gives the same freezing point depression as sucrose and hardness of the ice cream.

Ice cream makers can easily reduce sugar by 25% to 30% when combining erythritol and stevia, which is enough to make a reduced-sugar label claim. Erythritol contains fewer calories than traditional sugar.




Xylitol is used in low-sugar or sugar-free drinks to control calorie value, stabilize and protect nutrients from damage, and improve the taste, texture and coolness of beverages.

Maltitol has a certain viscosity and is difficult to ferment. Therefore, the addition of maltitol in the manufacture of a suspension type fruit juice drink or a lactic acid drink can enrich the taste of the beverage.

Erythritol for beverage is a natural, clean, sweet tasting, zero calorie sweetener with a superior digestive tolerance. It does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels, has nutritional and dental benefits and is suitable for people with diabetes as it does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels.




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