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Application of Natural Preservatives

Echemi 2020-11-20


Dairy products

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Dairyproducts are rich in protein, which can easily cause the growth of bacteria.Adding 100 mg/kg Nisin, and storing it at 4 ℃, the shelf life reached 7 days, while thecontrol group had only 3 d of shelf life.

Meat products


Addingnisin can reduce the amount of nitrate or nitrite and prolong the shelf-life ofsausages. The addition of 200mg/kg Nisin to traditional sausages can reduce theamount of nitrite from 150mg/kg to 40mg/kg, and the bacteriostatic effect isobvious.

Aquatic products


Adding0.03% nisin + 0.03% sorbate in shrimp meat can effectively inhibit the growthof the spoilage bacteria, and 150mg/kg nisin can effectively prolong the shelflife of fish balls.


Bakery products


Breadand cake are rich in nutrients and are very susceptible to mold and yeast.After completion of baking, natamycin is sprayed on the food surface or soakedin the product of natamycin for several seconds. The shelf life of the productcan be effectively extended.


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Innatural conditions, orange juice generally placed 1 weeks will be worse. Whilethe addition of 10 ~ 30mg/kg of natamycin can effectively prevent the growthand reproduction of yeast and mold in orange juice and can prolong the shelflife of the product.





Natamycincould only distribute the surface of the cheese, it has advantage to controlthe growth of moulds on the surface and has not affect the maturation ofcheese.          

Threemethods could be used as follows:

1)Spraying the suspension of natamycin on the surface of cheese.

2)Dipping the salted cheese in the suspension of natamycin for 2 to 4 min.

3)Mixing the coat of cheese with natamycin.


Soda water


soda water

Inthe soda water (pH7.0-8.5), adding 50-70mg/kg polylysine hydrochloride can meetthe requirement of 12 months' shelf life.




Addingmethod: mix water, phosphates, protein isolate, spices, preservatives and so onwhen stirring, stirring evenly.

Effect:The sausage made by adding polylysine hydrochloride was placed under theconditions of 36 ℃ and 90% humidity, and it maintains good quality after7d.

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