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Pea Protein Experiment in Meat

Echemi 2020-11-19

1、 Solubilitycomparison of four domestic pea protein isolate:

Pea Protein1


a) Yantai Oriental protein  Co., ltd

b) Shandong jindutalin (Echemi )

c) Shandong shuangta food

d) Suzhou Wanshen flour productsCo., ltd

As the picture above, you can see, all the PPI are partially dissolved, but Echemi’s  product (No. 2) have better dispersion.

2. Applicationsof PPI in emulsified sausages

Experimental procedure (simulating peaprotein in emulsified sausages):

Mix 100g pea protein  with 300g water and 300g oil in a blender;

Low-speed cutting and dirring for 1 minute, then chopping for 3 minutes at highspeed.

Put the mixture of chopped and mixed intothe sausage casing  with a sausage filler

Boil the mixture in a waterbath for about10 minutes, then cool to room temperature ,remove the casings and cut intoslices.

Applications of PPI in emulsified sausages

Test data:

(a).Physicochemical properties of PPI.(Note: The viscosity is tested by3.2% at 25℃)

PPI: water: oil =1:3:3, SPI: water: oil=1:4:4,  after high-speed stirring, thephysical and chemical properties were measured as follows:


We can see, PPI has better oil retentionthan SPI .

(b). The amount of pea protein  was 3%, and the amount of soybean protein was2% as the control group.


We can see, Adding 3% PPI has betterhardness and chewability than SPI.

(c). The conclusion

Application and experimental conclusion ofPPI in emulsified sausage:

·  Dosage: the amount of PPI addedis 1.2-1.5 times  of SPI.

·  Odour: the PPI sausage tastemore prominent (for the increase of adding amount), but no bad feeling.

·  Color: the color of PPI sausageis lighter, and SPI sausage is more red,the two are similar in color .

·  Taste: the two are similar intexture , but the one made of PPI is more elastic and chewy,  and the one made of SPI is softer.

(d) Summary

PPI can completely replace SPI inemulsified sausages. But he dosage should be higher than SPI (about 1.2-1.5times of  SPI), after replacing SPI withPPI,  you may adjust your formulaslightly, then you can get the similar taste and  appearance but more unconventional flavor,more distinctive product, It's well worth trying!


3.Applications of PPI combined withtrehalose in emulsified sausage


Technological process: raw meat recondition→ mincing and diceing  → rolling andkneading → enemataing → drying and coloring → cooking →the product

Conclusion: After adding 3.5% PPI and 4%trehalose, the sausage can form better internal gel structure and retain moremoisture , thus giving the sausage excellent texture characteristics such as hardness, esilience ,cohesiveness and chewiness. In addition, adding trehalose can also delay theoxidative rancidity of fat  so as toextend shelf- life of the sausage and maintain the good taste duringshelf-life



 AS you can see in the picture,  the protein gel which adding with trehaloseis more delicate, even and smooth, and the trehalose can also help to coversome of the beany flavor.





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