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Application of Trehalose in Nougat

Echemi 2021-01-20


Replace the sugar with trehalose and verify the advantages of trehalose in enhancing the taste and appearance of the Nougat.



Experimental steps

1. Place the malt syrup, water, sugar / trehalose and salt into the pot and heat them together.

2. When the pot is heated to 100°C, egg whites start to be whipped.

3. When the pot is heated to 110°C, put 100 g of syrup in the egg white and keep stirring.

4. When the pot is heated to 145°C, add the remaining syrup to the egg whites and mix well.

5. Add butter and mix well.

6. Add milk powder and mix well.

7. Add peanuts and mix well.

8. Roll out to a thickness of 1.5 cm, let cool and cut into small pieces.

Sensory evaluation of Nougat

Blindly testing two types of Nougat from five aspects: color, taste and smell, organization, form and impurity. The full score is 100 points.


Evaluation results

(A is 100% trehalose group, B is sugar group)






The quality of 100% trehalose Nougat is better than the original formula Nougat.

Color: The original formula Nougat is light yellow. 100% trehalose Nougat is white in color and has better brightness.

Taste: The original formula is sweeter and somewhat sticky. 100% trehalose nougat has low sweetness and no sticky tooth feeling.

In summary, trehalose can enhance the taste and appearance of Nougat. It can replace 100% sucrose in Nougat.

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